Friday, December 11, 2009

isnt life wonder-full?

'life has its ups and downs, sometimes sun shines and makes us all smile but sometimes rain pours and takes away all the joy... but remember one thing my dear, it takes both sun and rain to make a rainbow...'

how wonderful, a friend texted me this. the words and emotion inside it, yes but what about the real life situation? how really wonder-full life can be huh? sun as protagonist and rain as the antagonist in the quotation together they will harmonically bring up something better...

that is purely natural, where mothernature came to action, constantly restabilizing the disturbance as le chatelier would suggest but unfortunately in human there is no such thing as natural as mothernature inside the bloody flesh other than so-called nature's call. the urge to feel majestic, powerful, owning bla bla bla...

it has been always put into a theme of many folklores, fairytales, grrim tales and so on. the portrayal of goodness putting up a fight against the darkness-es (darkwitch, shadow, evil vampires who always fall at the brightest lumens of light) but still many of us, mostly the primal who heads ones civilisation, show the scrupulous characteristic of the darkness which is damned since 10 000 BC.

what is so cool about being a sole leader of the world? we can see in every aspect of life, industrial, business, economy, military and etc every tribe wants to monopoly... tribal civilisation has evolved and revolved since long time ago when agraria and maritime governing bodies used to reign and still do so in order to be more versatile and efficient yet what is the purpose of being higher above other?

i thought we could collect together and be an advanced civilisation as a whole, not solely... thats when life is wonder-full. its like a song being sung by a group of people, a choir which every member has different notes, no matter how small or big it is, hummingly sound or high-pitched, all of them will still sing ONE song harmonically for ALL of us to listen to. a better off all of them singing a tune on their own.

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  1. nice syahmi...v r da want cn make our life wonderful...up s n down make a person better in life so accept evyting in a positive way..